Oracle Data Guard 11g

Oracle RAC 11g
August 23, 2017
Oracle Database 12c Administration Workshop I and II
September 23, 2017

Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

  • What Is Oracle Data Guard?
  • Types of Standby Databases
  • Data Guard Broker
  • Benefits of Implementing Oracle Data Guard

Understanding the Oracle Data Guard Architecture

  • Oracle Data Guard Architecture
  • Data Guard Redo Apply Architecture
  • Oracle Data Guard Broker Architecture
  • Benefits of using the Data Guard Broker

Installing Oracle Software

  • Installation: System Requirements
  • Installing Oracle Database Software

Creating Primary Database

  • Using the DBCA to Create Primary Database
  • Use netca, netmgr, Manual Steps to create and configure the Listener
  • Start and stop the listener
  • Setting up tnsnames.ora/listener.ora/sqlnet.ora on Non-Default/Default path
  • Troubleshooting listener related connectivity issue
  • Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity

Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL

  • Preparing the Primary Database
  • Setting Initialization Parameters on the Primary Database
  • Backing Up the Primary Database Using RMAN
  • Creating a Control File for the Standby Database
  • Setting Initialization Parameters on the Standby Database
  • Setting Up the Environment to Support the Standby Database
  • Configuring Standby Redo Logs
  • Starting the Physical Standby Database
  • Performing Additional Configuration Tasks

Configuring Data Protection Modes and Log Transport Services

  • Setting the Log Transport Mode
  • Setting the Data Protection Mode
  • Delaying the Application of Redo
  • Using Flashback Database as an Alternative to Apply Delay
  • Additional Attributes that Affect Log Transport Services

Using Oracle Data Guard Broker

  • Data Guard Broker Configurations
  • Data Guard Broker Interfaces

Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database

  • Snapshot Standby Database: Architecture
  • Converting a Physical Standby Database to a Snapshot Standby Database
  • Activating a Snapshot Standby Database: Issues and Cautions
  • Viewing Snapshot Standby Database Information
  • Converting a Snapshot Standby Database to a Physical Standby Database

Performing Switchover and Failover

  • Choosing the Best Role Transition Operation
  • Performing a Switchover by Using DGMGRL
  • Performing a Switchover by Using SQL
  • Performing a Failover by Using DGMGRL
  • Performing a Failover by Using SQL
  • Preparing to Create a Logical Standby Database