Oracle EBS R12
August 23, 2017
Oracle RAC 11g
August 23, 2017

Linux basic concepts & installation

  • Installation in Standalone Machine
  • File System Management
  • Creation of File Systems
  • Understanding EXT2, EXT3& EXT4 File Systems
  • Understanding fdisk,e2label, mount, umount commands
  • Understanding fstab and mtab files

User management

  • Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
  • Creation of users in different groups
  • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  • Understanding passwd aging
  • Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  • Understanding users security files
  • The different commands for Monitoring the users

Package Manager (RPM)

  • Understanding the features and advantages of RPM
  • Installation of RPM packages
  • Verification of RPM
  • Querying and troubleshooting

Automation of jobs

  • At Jobs . Cron Jobs

Network information service

  • Setting Network
  • network commands